Talks on the Wild Side

Simone Usselman-Tod

April 17, 2021 Anna Pilon Season 1
Talks on the Wild Side
Simone Usselman-Tod
Show Notes

Simone enjoyed 30 years working in a conventional career as a medical
radiation technologist at academic teaching and acute care hospitals that
served as regional centres for cardiac, stroke, cancer, trauma, burns,
neurosciences and pediatric patients.
In 2004 Simone was called to develop a practice in the field of holistic
healing and natural wellness. She integrates the knowledge and wisdom of
both aspects of her career into her work as a Certified NLP Coach and NLP
Master Practitioner, Certified Life Coach and Executive Coach to help her
clients achieve outstanding results for themselves, their families, their
businesses and their communities.
Simone Usselman-Tod gives every person she works with the gift of
experiencing the possibilities that are available to them—right here, right
now—using a powerful coaching protocol that delivers breathtaking results.
Triggers, stress responses, and unproductive habits can hold our ideal lives
hostage: Simone draws upon enormous reserves of compassion and skill
to help people evolve those perceptively negative patterns into tools that
will help them fashion a healthy, connected and vibrant life.
Simone uses a science-based technology that can generate the harmony
and abundance you never before imagined. She’ll help you cut through the
nitty-gritty of what’s been holding you back and help you burst forward into
a vibrant, compelling vision of what you want instead.
Simone Usselman-Tod
Certified PACE, NLP Coach and NLP Master Practitioner
Certified Life Coach & Executive Coach