Talks on the Wild Side

Louise Edington

May 11, 2021 Anna Pilon
Talks on the Wild Side
Louise Edington
Show Notes

Astrologer, Best Selling Author, and Shamanic Guide.

Who am I?

A kick-ass Astrologer most of all. I live and breathe astrology but do not believe that we let it ‘rule’ us. I believe it’s a tool to deeply understand ourselves and to guide our soul’s evolution and personal growth.

A connector, I connect to YOU deeply whether we meet in person or not. I see you and I hear you and I create very real and long-lasting connections.

Highly intuitive and empathic with insights that come through me not from me.
And I would like to know YOU. I truly love to get to know clients and followers.

I am complex, fiery, and always interested in you.

Much Love

Louise <3