Talks on the Wild Side

TOTWS S02 Diana Lidstone

January 12, 2022 Anna Pilon Season 2 Episode 2
Talks on the Wild Side
TOTWS S02 Diana Lidstone
Show Notes

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Back before the internet was a thing – yes back that far, I was starting businesses.

Looking back, I realize that I have this propensity for LEAPING, for seeing a vision and then getting into action to make it happen even though I don’t really know how to do it – yet.

My story

My friends and family called me crazy.

Are you like me?

Crazy because you have this dream of what your business could look like in the future …. So you just begin to take action?

While my children were young, I told my friends I was going to work from home on my computer providing support services to professionals and earn really good money!

They said I was crazy.

I bought a computer, printer, and software and in 1984 my ‘typing business’ was born (today they would call this a virtual assistant – not so crazy!).

Several years later, and several moves to different provinces, I was being called crazy again. This time, my husband and I bought a small retail building and I opened a retail store!!

I knew without a doubt that I could make this profitable even though I knew nothing about inventory management, hiring employees, profit and loss statements – never mind how to purchase products!

That endeavor was probably my biggest CRAZY but also my most profitable! Twelve years later, we sold the building and liquidated the inventory for a huge cash payout.

This crazy lady was laughing all the way to the bank.

And then my last couple of ‘crazy’ ideas were to start a coaching business and to write a book when I didn’t even know what a successful coaching business looked like or how to write my Amazon best-seller.

NOW when people call me ‘crazy’, I know I’m on the right track!